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About Me

Knowing a little about me and my journey
may assist you, in making that difficult decision about whether I am the right person to work with you
Sharon Jane Clark, BACP Counsellor, ADHD Counsellor, ASD Counsellor, Dyslexia, Neurodiversity

Who Am I?

Sharon Jane Clark, ADHD Counsellor, ASD Counsellor, Dyslexia Counsellor, BACP Counsellor,  Neurodiversity Specialist

As a qualified mental health practitioner, I am trained to degree level in integrative relational counselling. I work with common aliments, that are so rife in our world today for anyone over 18 (some of these are listed in the section below).


I believe that ethical and moral standards are at the cornerstone of the counselling profession. As such, I am a registered member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and adhere to their ethical framework. That also means I am committed to constantly updating and expanding my knowledge and understanding of therapies to keep improving on my service. 

If you want to know a little about me and how I came to be in what I see as a privileged position, to help others explore their problems, difficulties and issues and assist them to survive, thrive and evolve as individuals – see My Journey below.

"What we know matters, but who we are matters more"

My Journey

From an early age I have had an fascination with people, their motivation and the deeper side of human emotions and relationships. In my early life I didn’t follow that interest. It was not until I reached my 30s, that difficult life experiences, re-awakened that curiousity. Along with that, an interest in the influence of our past and our ability to change, what might seem to be hardwired patterns of thinking and behaviour.


When I had my own children I then really started to listen to my own inner voice which was screaming for change from a high pressured corporate environment, which at times felt unfulfilling. To a profession that provoked passion, curiosity and fulfilled my want to improve the lives of others and in some small way that of the world.

Sharon Jane Clark BACP is a counsellor based in Rotherham, South Yorkshire.
BACP Counsellors in Rotherham, Soiuth Yorkshire

Once I had found my sense of purpose within my counselling career, my children were then a key part of my growth as a therapist.


Having three unique individual children, each with their own difficulties including ADHD, Dyslexia and ASD amongst physical and sensory issues, opened my mind to the way our world looks at difference not just in ability but also in many other social and economic ways. This led me to volunteer on projects in the local area to help promote the understanding and support form SEN children. 

My counselling experience has been varied, currently I work for several health insurance and organisational agencies and a local charity. The work has required me to support both short and long term client with a wide variety of issues; Anxiety, Depression, Self Esteem, Trauma, Bereavement, Stress and Relationship difficulties, to name a few. Additionally my specialist interest is working with individuals who are Neurodiverse and their family members, of which I have a good amount of experience and knowledge. Some gained from previous work with Doncaster Partnership for Carers, who support individuals caring for children with SEN or older relatives with physical and mental health conditions.  As part of my commitment I continue to develop myself with regular training and reading, some listed below.

I offer therapy and counselling in...

- Anger Management,
- ASD,
- Bereavement,
- Codependency,
- Coping Skills,
- Depression,
- Disability,
- Divorce, 

- Domestic Abuse,
- Dyslexia,
- Family Conflict,
- Infidelity,
- Life Coaching,
- Life Transitions,
- Mens Issues, 
- Marital,
- Neurodiversity, 

- Obsessive
- Compulsive

- Parenting
- Relationship Issues
- School Issues
- Self Esteem
- Sexuality
- Work Related Stress
- Trauma and PTSD
- Women's Issues

My Training

- BA (Hons) Degree in Contemporary Relational Counselling (First Class Honours)

- Certificate in online and telephone training- Counselling Tutor (BACP Accredited)


Some of my continuous professional development and education;

- ADHD and Neurodiversity in the Room

- ADHD/Trauma- Understanding and Managing ADHD and Anxiety Disorders

- "Consent Issues" in Counselling Practise

- Online Therapy Course by the Online Therapy Institute

- Talk Safe, Plan Safe by Ollie Foundation

- Work Related Stress Training by TCS

- Trauma Training by Carolyn Spring

- Me, Myself and I - Experiencing the Inner Child and Relationships by Samantha Lee


- Understanding Autism and working with clients by Daniel Jones

- Working with core beliefs of never good enough by NICAMB

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