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Services - Communication Style

Deciding which mode of communication to use for therapy will depend on many factors personal to you. There is no best form for therapy but there are some clear benefits to each.
Online Counselling

Can sometime be referred to as tele-therapy or e-therapy. Usually this is done over the internet via a laptop, computer or tablet, which means that you do not have to be local to Rotherham or South Yorkshire. You need to consider if you have a good internet connection and a secure confidential place within your home. If so then research has shown that having therapy online is just as effective as face to face. It can be more convenient around other commitments as it take place in the comfort of your own home. No need to travel so especially helpful if you have any time or physical restrictions or live in rural area.

Online Counselling sometime be referred to as tele-therapy or e-therapy
Telephone counselling and therapy by Synergy Counselling and Therapy, Rotherham
Telephone Counselling

Telephone counselling works in a similar way to online with the sessions being 50 minutes and from a secure confidential place in your home. This type of mode of communication is very effective - it takes up minimal time and removes the need to travel to Rotherham. For some, not having the visual interaction may also be easier. An absence of visual information much more weight is given to other aspects of communication, and the work is adapted to make it just as effective.

Face to Face Counselling

Face to face sessions are held on local premises in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, in a private and comfortable room.  In-person sessions allow for the benefit of body language and provide a physical ambience to the work. These sessions are only suitable for those who live in the South Yorkshire area

Face to face counselling and therapy in Rotherham, South Yorkshire
Face to Face
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