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Rotherham person who is able to Survive, Thrive and Evolve aftef having had counselling and therapy for mental health issues.

"Survive, Thrive, Evolve"

"With you during your journey, from
where you are now to where you want to be"

Synergy Counselling and Therapy

Counselling service based in Rotherham for Anxiety and Depression

Sharon Jane Clark (BACP), Qualified counsellor and therapist based in Rotherham


and Welcome

If you've got this far, you may well have decided it's time to explore whatever issue is troubling you. That decision is the first step, and a courageous one, from a life in which you may be barely surviving,  struggling to thrive or find it hard to make changes.


Many aspects of 21st century society can be demanding and difficult. That,  on top of whatever you're facing right now - the loss of someone close to you; overwhelming worries; lacking interest in life; trouble with relationships or maybe even feeling lost and unsure, can be overwhelming. Working through therapy together can help bring light back into your life.

Sharon Jane Clark (BACP)

Qualified Counsellor & Therapist, based in Rotherham, South Yorkshire

However, with so many different types of support, it can be confusing to decide who and which approach is best – a counsellor, therapist, psychotherapist... do you need CBT, person centred, coaching, psychodynamic... and you may even be wondering what some of them mean.

This website will give you more information about who I am as a therapist and counsellor, what I can help you with and what I use in my work, helping you make a more informed decision. I keep life simple and use straightforward language throughout to explain my approach. However if you want a little more theoretical understanding, take a look at the "My Approach" page. 


Anixety and Depression counselling and therapy for me

"as not one approach works for all"

I am passionate, about supporting individuals to overcome difficulties to lead a more fulfilling life, whether that be exploring ways to survive them or/and moving onto thriving and evolving to become a more authentic and happier version of yourself.

Based in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, I work with all genders and all ages over 18 years old and I take on both short and long term work. The way I work pulls on many different theories and practices but always at the core is the relationship with you. Within that relationship the building blocks are; appreciation of your uniqueness, empathy, understanding and working together.

My collaborative approach to work will consider you from all aspects of your life including your environment, differences and maybe even your early life. Our approach will be governed by your unique situation and may involve validating your experiences, goal focuses, exploring repeating patterns, different perspectives and insights into they way our minds process experiences.

Call me for a consultation so that we can chat over a coffee

What to do next...

So if you are still reading and you think I might be the right person to support you, use the consultation button under this passage or email me (at the top of the screen) which will allow me to provide a 15 minutes minute consultation by phone.


Our consultation will give you more insight into how we might work together in counselling or I might be able to recommended another professional if your issue is one I don't support.

It's a difficult decision making a choice on who you will feel comfortable with exploring painful and difficult thoughts, emotions and situations. If you are not quite sure whether you want a consultation, my website is designed to give you a glimpse into the counselling process (which can be daunting) and me.... so continue browsing or read more About me by clicking here...

Cost of Investing in yourself 

Online Session                                         £45 per hour

Telephone Sessions                                 £45 per hour

Face to Face Sessions                             £55 per hour

Reduced rates (benefits/low income)   from £35 (limited availability)

Sharon Clark

What can Therapy help with?

and much more
Why Counselling


— A former client

"I thoroughly recommend Sharon to anyone who needs psychological intervention and like myself may have unresolved issues from the past. I`II definitely carry on using the strategies and tools she has given me. My life has changed so much now since having the sessions with her and for that I am truly grateful I cant thank her enough."

— A former client

The knowledge Sharon has shared along with the tools and strategies she's given me throughout this whole process has been invaluable. Its helped me tremendously on my journey to self healing. I had unresolved issues, suffered trauma going back 30 years. Sharon has helped me to overcome them all through various techniques, which in turn has made me come through the other side a much stronger, more resilient and self accepting version of myself.

— A former client

"She is both caring and compassionate in the work she does, and has the ability to put you the client/patient totally at ease, because of this I was able to fully open up to her about my past."

But how does it all work?

How does it work?


Our initial session would be arranged and last for 50 minutes. During this we would explore an agreement/contract so that you know what to expect and my responsibilities. This would include information about confidentiality and other important information. From the initial session and exploration of your difficulties and current situation we might agree the amount of session. This is often done in sections of 6 - so 6, 12 , 18. However this is fluid and can be more or less and changed during the process. Some people may only need a few sessions too.

What do I need to know? 

Our sessions are usually 50 minutes and weekly unless we agree otherwise. Again this is fluid and to suit your needs so if you need fortnightly or twice a week that is also available. Our sessions will just be the two of us, and if working at a distance,  I will ensure I am in a safe confidential space and advise you of them the same. We can not have sessions in public spaces or where there are others present. It's a good idea to prepare for them by giving yourself some quiet time before. And the same for after and maybe even treating yourself to something you enjoy....

How will I have the sessions? 

Sessions can be via Zoom, telephone or face to face (if local to Rotherham, South Yorkshire). Each style of counselling may have its benefits and you can find out more about this on my SERVICES page. Alternatively you can mix the forms of communication or move from one to the other and some people even prefer to use Zoom but without the camera switched on. It is whatever suits and feels comfortable for you. Its always a good idea to make sure your phone or laptop are fully charged before sessions.

How about in between sessions?

Sometimes depending on how we work, you may take on homework between sessions, this might be in the form of writing, reflection or action and others times that’s just not necessary. We will explore this in the initial session and if work in between sessions does not fit with your life there is no obligation- everything about our sessions is collaborative- just because I recommend a way to work doesn’t mean we have to do that.


"Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen"

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